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Trailer-3 minutes

The Film Is Broken Into Chapter:

Introduction “Ca La Moldova:”

Chapter 1: Independence

Chapter 2: Civil War/Transnistria

Chapter 3: Language

Chapter 4:Denationalization

Chapter 5: Poverty

Chapter 6: Education and Exodus

Chapter 7: Corruption

Final Chapter: Come Home

74 responses

8 04 2009


8 04 2009

Privind filmul m-a apucat asa un dor de casa!!! Cit de trista nu ar fi situatia acolo.
Bine facut filmul. Dar foarte trist…

Jos comunistii!!!

Well made! But very sad!! It gives in to desperation!

8 04 2009
Jessica Ginger

Job well done! Long live Moldova!!!

9 04 2009

This is a movie that explains a lot what is going on now. I am convinced that Moldova will get read of Communism , but the question is when. I hope that very soon but this will need to have a strong support from the EU and the Moldovan diaspora. No force can stand against the progress for ever , specially in this era when the information cannot be blocked by anybody.

9 04 2009
Jeff Bloomfield

Great job guys, this turned out above and beyond.

9 04 2009
Nina Edwards

just incredible…
way to be!

9 04 2009
Marisa Zunino

Absolutely amazing job guys!! I am very impressed and have forwarded it to many. I hope this gets lots of hits.

9 04 2009
Anna Talley

Very well presented, guys, and I love that there’s a solution: a plea for the young educated Moldovans living abroad, to return and re-create their country. Way to go!

9 04 2009

…mi-am petrecut tota copilaria in Moldova si m-au coplesit amintirile. Imaginile m-au facut sa retraesc din nou acele clipe din adinc, mi-au trezit un dor enorm de casa de parinti shi de cei dragi. Dar in acelasi timp m-au speriat. Realitatea este insa shi mai cruda, iar filmul numai mi-a intarit parerea precum ca Moldova ca stat nu are nici un viitor, va fi mereu o moneda de schimb al marilor puteri si o afacere familiala a celor ce vor detine puterea (indeferent, de stinga sau de dreapta). Un popor confuz, cu o constiinta nationala mutilata de decenii comuniste, inslavit shi fara coloana, usor de manipulat shi tinut sub control. Ca sa prevezi viitorul trebuie sa-ti stii foarte bine trecutul, iar atita timp cind te indoiesti de adevarul istoic, nu stii de unde te tragi shi tine iti sunt stramosii nu poti vorbi de o entitate nationala sanatoasa. Iata ce ne lipseste noua. Shi nu saracia materiala ma sperie sa ma intorc acasa ci saracia ideologica, hrana sufleteasca, lipsa de idealuri nationale shi cultura. Sper shi ma rog insa ca noile generatii din Moldova sa inteleaga acest lucru shi sa aiba norocul de vremuri mai bune…..iar acest film sa-si atinga scopul propus pentru TREZIREA CONSTIINTEI NATIONALE SI ………. JOS COMUNISTII !!!!

9 04 2009

The movie was very interesting and very well made. I liked the way it flowed from subject to subject.
However I did feel that it was one sided and that the communist voice was not so much heard – meaning no real communnist leader, politition or representitive either fromal or nonformal was given a chance to intorduce his perception.
There is a stage in the middle of the movie where people are talking when pictures are being shown, I think it would be good to have a title of the speakers name.

The film was Intriguing and I hope it will help make a change….

9 04 2009
Doing what? Where? « Musings from inside, outside, and underneath

[…] I did, however, want to share the this video. I have not watched the whole thing, but it was a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and highlights interviews with several people I know.  The pictures, videos, and music are so close to my memory, that I do hope you take a look. […]

9 04 2009


Intr-o zi vom veni…

9 04 2009

Jos comunistii!!!!

9 04 2009

Just out of curiosity, under what kind of license is that work released? Are we allowed to publish subtitles/subtitled versions? (for example in languages other than english)

Wishing you hope.

9 04 2009

we have the full rights. we are working on translating into Russian and French subtitles. It may be a couple months though. what did u have in mind

9 04 2009
Elizabeth Hill

Bravo!!! Great job baieti…well worth the wait!

9 04 2009
Moldova pe net « brandless blog

[…] Documentar despre Moldova […]

9 04 2009

I was wondering wether there were some creative commons (or similar) licensing “on schedule”. But french subtitles are already very good news (for most french people I know who might be interested in seeing that aren’t usually too good in english).

Nice work anyway:)

9 04 2009

because we decided to release the film 50 days early we are behind schedule with the translations. ANy help in this matter would be great.

9 04 2009

I could provide some help with french, if you want. I almost finished watching it, and it’s really great.

9 04 2009
Stas Sajin

Not that I am a good English speaker, but I found some translations as skewed and incorrect. There must be consistency between what speakers say, and what the subtitles are. If you need some help in recreating the subtitles in English, contact me.

Overall the movie was good.

9 04 2009
Peace to people

Thank’s for this beautiful movie!!! It make me feel better after all events …Great thank’s to all people who released and God blessed Moldova!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 04 2009

romania /moldova
De unde vine numele de Romania ?
Numele cu siguranța vine de la un moldovean Alexandru Ioan Cuza , domnul Valahiei și al Moldovei
DEci cine sunt de fapt romani ?
Poate un produs al gandiri moldoveneșți ?!

9 04 2009
Mrs X

GOOD JOB !!! and hope something will change in Moldova !

10 04 2009

Amazing story of a forgotten nation!
Great that you decided to Speak it Out!
It shows the reality of today!
I really want people unite and get rid of Communism!
A great Thank You!

10 04 2009

i would love to hear what u thought could be changed. please let me know the time of the error…thanks for your help

14 04 2009


14 04 2009
Walt Venable

Great job guys, this came together really well.

14 04 2009
14 04 2009
yoda girl

It made me realize that i really do like MY Home, i just adore it, along with its good and bad aspects.
It almost made me CRY!
THANKS, that you gave me the chance to be part of it.

15 04 2009
Dechen Albero

What a beautifully constructed film! This would be a wonderful teaching aid for PC goal #3. Mi-a placut tare mult! Multumesc mult si hai succes in viitorul!

16 04 2009
P. Christian Dunn

Brilliant work. Very creative and informative. Thank you for doing this. I hope your film gets the exposure the work deserves.


PS -I am interested in any similar works you may be aware of documenting Afghanistan and its culture in a similar light.

16 04 2009

Super film!!! Ti se rupe inima cand il vezi.

17 04 2009
Kathy B

Fanastic Film!!! Everyone needs to see this film to understand the current situation in Moldova. I will pass on this site to my friends. Thanks.

18 04 2009

I Love Moldova!!!!! Great People!!!! Regards from Brazil.

18 04 2009

Очень трогательный фильм, красивый, но грустный… вряд-ли кто-то вернется…

18 04 2009
Ann McCue

This film has helped me so much with my understanding of Transnistria. I am very grateful to have seen this.

20 04 2009

Well done. I have hope in my heart for all of Moldova!

20 04 2009

Можете ли вы залить фильм на YouTube? С Гугла на мой сайт не получается его вылажить на моем сайте. Если не против могу выложить на свой акаунт.

1 05 2009
Expat Philippines

Wonderful.. I have added your blog to my favourites. Keep up the great work

3 05 2009

high quality, different pont of views, emotion mixed with reality which is more close to a moldovan true life than bullshit they show on national television

3 05 2009

Barbosul din clip este baronul tiganilor Artur Cerari. A creat avere pe afaceri ilegale si vinzari de droguri. Are palat mare la Soroca (ca si alti tigani de acolo).Hai mai veniti la Moldova, ca tiganii nu au piata de desfacere pentru traffca:)

4 05 2009

Absolutely loved the music at 31:00 min!

7 05 2009

Societatea de acasa trebuie orizontalizata, sa incepem totul de la inceput, ca o societate arhaica, nu sa construim o tara pe ruinele URSS. Dumnezeul care doarme trebuie sa se trezeasca si sa ne indrume, INDRUME, dar nu sa faca bani pe baza oamenilor.
Daca mergem acasa ce sa facem, sa ne apucam sa prindem peste ca sa nu murim de foame? Sau sa ne cultivam pamintul care il avem (bogatia tarii) ?
Ca sa ridicam tara din mlastina in care a cazut trebuie sa avem un buget transparent, bine pus la punct, o legislatie care sa functioneze pe bune. Delimitarea celor 3 puteri de stat sa fie de facto, mai ales puterea judecatoreasca sa fie independenta de puterea legislativa si executiva.. Avem multe de facut.. Plus Transnistria. Istoric partea ceea de pamint nu a fost a noastra nici o data! Stefan cel Mare a intarit hotarele pe Nistru si nu avea pretentii la paminturile tatarilor nomazi, acolo unde acum e Transnistria; si nu numai Stefan-Voda. Luati orice harta de istorie medievala.
Dar in Moldova vorbele ce caracterizeaza oamenii sint “capul plecat sabia nu-l taie” si “cu şini sî ti baţi?”. Sintem un neam facut din mamaliga, nu avem singe in noi. De ce rabdam situatia de acum daca nimeni nu e de acord?
In asa ritm o sa plingem singuri de noi si nimic nu o sa rezolvam.

8 05 2009

Andrei, imi plac mult comentariile tale!

11 05 2009

Andrei drept zici,
treb de organizat ceva de tipul FAM (Forul Anticomunist din Moldova )
defapt el este deja ,si de-l Dezvoltat ,
Treb un teanc de valori nou
“Sintem un neam facut din mamaliga” -cit de trist n-ar fi ,dar trebuie de recunoscut ,si asta datorita educatiei de la sat : “Nu-i frumos…”
Ce zici…?

23 05 2009

Coruptia-n sus, coruptia-n jos, de parca nu tot populatia e cea care intretine fenomenul.

3 06 2009

Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

8 06 2009

sincer mi-au dat lacrimile catre sfirsitul filmului.simt compasiune si parere de rau pentru tara noastra.IUBESC MOLDOVA LA NESFIRSIT!!!din pacate suntem prea putini cei carora nu le e frica SA GINDEASCA!oamenii de la sate idee nu au ce se intimpla la senzatia ca traiesc in rai cind privesc stirile de la 21.00 la moldova1 sau ca comunistii sunt colacul nostru de salvare daca dai pe NIT sau N4.INCEARCA SA NE CUMPERE CU 50-100 DE LEI ADAUGATE LA BURSA SAU PENSII?le-as propune celor de sus sa incerce macar o luna SA SUPRAVETUIASCA cu 700 locul lor as fugi din moldova si m-as acsunde ca sa nu-i gaseasca tineretul de azi care peste 5-10 ani cu siguranta vor fi nemilosi cu toti cei care au incercat sa ne JEFUIASCA TARA!!!

15 06 2009

The article is usefull for me. I’ll be coming back to your blog.

16 06 2009

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29 06 2009
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7 07 2009

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19 10 2009
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28 10 2009

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30 10 2009

Даа… По-моему в этом сообщении нет никакой логики:)

12 12 2009
17 12 2009
this is moldova « dincolo de imposibil

[…] this is moldova Jump to Comments here is the trailer for an hour-long documentary called “this is moldova” made by peace corps volunteers in moldova earlier this year.  the film touches on several historical, political and social issues that may be of interest.  see the full-length film here. […]

11 01 2010
Владимир Рыбин

В офисе так нудно было, хорошо что нашел ваш сайт. Читаю с огромным интересом:)

21 01 2010
o amica

La multi ani Moldova!!! Traiesc aici si fara tine nu pot!!! Esti o parte din ceia ce sint eu!!! 2010 e instalat… si unele lucruri se vor pune la punkt in curind!!!

21 01 2010

La multi ani Moldova!!!

15 02 2010
This is Moldova « Moldova

[…] answer the question, ”What language do they speak?” Put the cursor to 20:30 – 26:00. If you’re up for it, you can watch the whole hour long documentary as well! Just be prepared […]

29 03 2010
March Update « Word Made Flesh

[…] visas. They have also identified a few areas where they can volunteer and begin to learn about the situation in Moldova. Sadly, one of the Romanians who had gone through our application process to join the community in […]

7 04 2010

can who help me to make full screen ? thx

13 04 2010

Blyat !!! Ebanie rumini ! Huyli vy tut pizdite na Sovetskiy Souz ! Vy tolko i jili za s4et nego ! A teper jrete sobstvennoe dermo !!! Tak vam i nado ! Nadeus skoro vimrete nahuy pidori !!! SSSR – FOREVER !!!

29 04 2010
Larry Cote'

My son is serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova. I tried to send him a new laptop computer in April 2010. It was stolen. If you can’t even get rid of the corruption in the post office or customs, how can you even run a country?The thing is, the people are beautiful, but the corruption has to go in order for people to live orderly lives.

30 04 2010

For Larry Cote’

First of all I am very sorry for the fact that the computer was stolen. But still I am Moldovan and i know that in the post office if you send it by recommended post you can afterwards claim it, in cases like this. More over the peace corps Moldova has a special agreement with the Moldovan post office and all the packs asap arrive in Moldova are delivered to the Peace corps HQ in Chisinau, due to all this I think that the laptop was lost during transportation but not stolen from the post office. Yes we are not a so developed country and yes we have a lot of corruption but a laptop to be stolen from the post office is not possible believe me!

30 04 2010

To say anything is “not possible” is somewhat foolish. Most likely the custom’s officials are the one’s currently surfing the web on your son’s laptop. They have the “right” to inspect the packages that are coming into Moldova and you most likely labeled that it was “a computer.” Your son should have known better. Packages constantly disappear that are supposed to arrive at Peace Corps headquarters. I had packages arrive that had been “cherry picked” and only half the stuff arrived…..they had been re-taped shut….I had packages never arrive as well….. Use UPS or DHS with insurance and tracking numbers.

4 08 2010

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7 08 2010

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17 10 2010

I must admit that I cried in the final; memories, the nostalgia and the desire to go back and to gather around the table at least once more like before are overwhelming. I cannot but admire the work you have done. There are few comments that can be misleading for people who have no idea about Moldova and its history. The movie as a whole is heartbreaking; for me the most distressing part is the dispersion of families. I do not intend to diminish the significance of problems like corruption, unemployment, or poverty; these are in fact critical if we want to see Moldova a developed democracy and, I believe that these would be eradicated when there will be an efficient system in place. Yet, that might not be persuasive enough for most people to come back. It is a long way to a stable democracy; and only when the different leaders coming to power will stop finding faults with the previous leadership and will stop blaming each other, but will actually do something, only then Moldova will step forward.

28 10 2010

One day I’ll go home… Filmul m-a atins undeva in adancul sufletului…

16 06 2012
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Cool:) I would say say it exploded my brain..!

29 03 2013
Andrea Fellows

I just came back and watched it again after seeing it in 2009. Still and amazing film and make me very nostalgic for Moldova. Great job!

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