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10 04 2009
Cristina Cojocaru

Imi pare rau ca ati inlaturat filmul de pe site. Eu am incercat de citeva ori sa-l privesc zilele acestea si nu am reusit. Si acum, ia-l de unde nu-i. Inteleg ca poate avea vre-o legatura cu evenimentele recente de la Chisinau. Sper ca filmul sa revina. Si sper la o stabilizare a situatiei si la posibilitatea poporului de a avea un viitor decent in Moldova.
Iar pentru expatpictures: bafta in continuare!

10 04 2009

“Ca la moldova” isn’t a documentary, it’s a slideshow. overall the “movie” is neutral – says nothing neither to Moldovan people, nor to the entire world …
Personally, I am disappointed – I think you could have done something much better.
However, you are still young and this is a good start.

Best regards,

16 04 2009

salut dar de unde pot gasi acest film cu o calitate mai buna ?
ma ajutati imi trebuieste e super dar chind il copii din net e cu calitate de mobil

26 04 2009

Please sign the petition to request intervention of EU, EC and Council of Europe for the moldovian political crises.


30 04 2009

Va rog sa revizuiti anumite date cronologice care mi se par incorecte. Spre exemplu faptul ca Moldova a fost anexata dupa WWII la Rusia?! Nu a fost oare inainte in ’39 dupa Molotov Ribetrop??

30 04 2009

In 42:18 e un ecran unde se spune “Once a part of Romania, Moldova was a state artificially created by the USSR at the end of World War II”… cred ca nu e corect si ar trebui inlocuit cu un text in privinta pactului Molotov Ribentrop care a avut loc in ’39.

30 04 2009

filmul e foarte bun, dar de ce creatorii nu este nici un cuvant despre creatorii filmului pe acest website? de ce va ascundeti?

8 05 2009

:) creatorii nu se acsund
creatorii sint cu ochii pe tine si iti raspund la toate intrebarile
cred eu

15 05 2009

nu ma ascund, sunt aici. ce trebuie sa va spun.

24 07 2009
Alla T.

A really valuable piece of work! The data is presented in an unbiased way, giving people a chance to make their own conclusions. As a representative of the young generation studying abroad, personally, I got a lot of issues to consider out of this movie, as well as realized something I haven’t thought about so deeply before. A special credit deserves the photographer, everything is so truth, and he managed to express it!!!
Even though a lot of political issues are being discussed, the politics is not so involved in it such as. This fact makes it hard for the members of moldovan society to be left indifferent regardless of their views and beleifs.It’s all about the people’s wellbeing-that’s the idea!
Another little comment regarding Gagauzians mentioned in the part about Moldovans population minority groups .The word “turkish” used in the brackets next to Gagauzian is not really appropriate one as I am a representative of this nation and can’t not mention it. The origin of this nation is still under the investigation and just the fact that we speak the turkish dialect shouldn’t publicly associate or reffer this nation to the one was mentioned, it not really accurate.
Otherwise, as I’ve said , it’s a really great work.


Alla T.

26 09 2010

Hi, there;
I am wondering if it is possible to get a copy of this video– i would like to show and watch it with my mother who is an elderly Moldovan.

Thank you, and thank you for creating this film!

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